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Women On View


An extensive catalogue accompanies the exhibition Women on View / Aesthetics of Desire in Advertising. Combining a selection of exhibited prints and vintage ads, the publication contains a sociological essay about the sexualisation of culture and seduction marketing by Esther Loubradou and a foreword about advertising photography by Matthias Harder, curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin.

The publication is divided into five chapters, starting with the postwar period, with brief and informative texts introducing each period and a selection of images depicting commercial and fashion products that illustrate different trends in the way of portraying women over the decades as presented mainly in magazines. Women status has changed considerably - from the housewife or the pin-up girl in the 50s and 60s, to the emancipated woman from the 70s, to the modern mother-wife and a professional worker of the 80s to the sex symbol of the 90s. But nevertheless still object of desire, those representations paved the way for an influx of sexualized commercials.

Women on View / Aesthetics of Desire in Advertising

Languages: German/ English

Softcover, 222 pages, coloured and black and white photographs, with a foreword by the curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation, Matthias Harder and texts by sociologist Esther Loubradou.

German translation: Elfi Rückert

English translation: Mark Harvey

Published by CHAUSSEE 36, Berlin, 2019

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