Chaussee 36 Photography



Our Philosophy

An architectural landmark designed to host photographic exhibitions and inspire to discuss and reflect upon socially relevant topics

Located in Berlin-Mitte, Chaussee 36 is an environment for creative exchange and artistic co-operation, housing several exhibition spaces as well as a photography and design collection, a library, a publishing house, an artist residency, an analog photography lab and a coffee shop.

Originally under the name Galerie 36, the photographic projects of the house will now be released under the name

Collaborating with galleries, public institutions and private collections, Chaussee 36 Photography shows the work of renowned photographers and also promotes young talent.

Chaussee 36 Photography will serve as a nexus to raise awareness and reflect on four social themes:

Europe & History
Environment & Architecture
Eros & Thanatos
Female Empowerment & Gender Equality

As a private initiative, Chaussee 36 Photography will finance its program and support the featured artists through admission fees, the publication of books and other media, the sale of artwork and rentals for shooting and events.